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We're named for the industrious beaver, an animal that's known as "nature's engineer." That's because at Beaver Excavating, we've made the beaver's efficient, resourceful, and hardworking qualities our own. And those qualities bring more value and success to your industrial or commercial project.

Since its inception in 1953, Beaver Excavating has provided the highest quality product at a competitive price with the highest level of service. Today, Beaver Excavating defines industry standards for earth moving and construction projects and never loses sight of its core values that were established over a half century ago: safety, quality, loyalty, integrity, pride, customer focus and community service.

Whether Commercial, Industrial, or Heavy/Highway Industry, Beaver delivers more value and success for each dollar invested by our customers. Beaver Excavating outperforms other companies in earthwork, highway construction, cast-in-place concrete, underground utilities, demolition and site-related civil services. 

We do more to exceed increasingly stringent customer demands:

  • Efficiencies: Beaver Excavating uses a unique combination of technology, experience, and talent to more efficiently engineer and execute customer projects. One of the more technologically advanced earth-moving, construction, and installation companies in the nation, we're experienced in every business sector and industry. And we hire people who lead projects, not just work on them.
  • Insights: Beaver Excavating fosters resourcefulness and knowledge, researching the latest engineering processes so we always employ the latest advances. 
  • Skills: Beaver Excavating knows the greatest talent delivers the best skills. Our management seeks skilled labor to engineer, manage, and perform at the highest level in the industry. Our success record and our safety performance attest to the high quality of these skills - while the sophisticated projects we complete place Beaver in a very unique skillset.

    Experience a new standard of success. Beaver Excavating is committed to working safely and efficiently as a team with our customers to exceed their expectations in providing the greatest value on the market. Contact us through our inquiry form or by calling 800-255-3767.

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The Beaver Excavating Co. is an equal opportunity employer.

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